Sunday, May 25, 2008

"Special Editions" of Vision Man: Eye Contact and its trailer now online

Around the time of Vision Man: Eye Contact and its trailer originally being released, there were certain minor things the filmmakers wanted changed about them, but the decision was made to go ahead and release the videos at the time as they were, with the intention of replacing them with "Special Editions" later. Well, that day has come! To check out the new versions, go to the "Video" section, and to check out the full story on replacing the movie and trailer, go to the "Miscellaneous" section. (By the way, don't expect any Earth-shattering changes to the movie or trailer...the changes are so minor that some people may not notice any changes to them whatsoever!)

Friday, May 2, 2008

New section for Vision Man site: Cast & Crew...with their personal websites!

"Cast & Crew" is the newest section for Eye Contact. It lets you know who did what, and who played who, and it also lets you know where to find their personal websites. So find out who did who, and then go see where they did each other at!

Monday, April 28, 2008

Buncha new stuff for Vision Man site

Multiple things were added to the site today: new pictures, new stuff in the Soundtrack section, and a whole new section called Miscellaneous! The new Miscellaneous page has sections on the Official Movie Poster and its rough draft, a timeline of the events in the movie's history, the script, and the comic book cover. So get to checkin' it all out!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Shooting to resume this weekend

The greenscreen for the movie has been ready now for a few weeks. With a greenscreen, you can shoot actors in front of it, and then when you put the footage on a computer, you can delete the green background, and replace the background with anything you want! So since everything is now ready, the cast & crew have decided to resume filming this weekend. It's been a while, so everyone is ready to get back to it! For more on this weekend's shoot, click here.

Director, co-producer, co-writer, editor, sound effects applier, special effects artist, and music arranger of Vision Man to get surprise party

Tracy Walters, whose job titles in Vision Man included producer, director, writer, editor, sound effects applier, special effects artist, music arranger, and actor, is going to be thrown a surprise party for all his hard work by the cast & crew of Vision Man. "He worked hard on making the movie, and he's also working right now on some stuff for the movie that's going to come out in the near future, like documentaries, commentaries, the bloopers, and other stuff," said one castmember. "We figured that since he's making all this cool stuff for everybody, and it's all so awesome, that we would just throw him a big party!" To find out when and where the party is going to be, click here.

Quest for Vengeance to get a berth on TheForce.Net's Fan Films site

When the first trailer for QFV came out in 2001, we tried to get TheForce.Net to host it in their Fan Films section, but they wouldn't do it. Well, the other day, we decided to offer them the entire movie itself for submission, just to see what would happen...and they accepted it! "We wanted to continue the tradition of a live-action, two-hour-plus Star Wars movie coming out every three years, as has happened since 1999," said a spokesperson for TFN. "And since it's been three years since the last one, it was time for one this year. And QFV fits that bill!" We were all blown away by the acceptance. Now an even bigger audience can thrill to the insane-but-soft-voiced Lex Nova, the large and bumbling Jedibee Ben Wolf, the totally bad-ass Penzar Grat, the idiotic and moronic Robert Kraig, and the homoerotic overtones of Jon Bon Nebula. To see QFV on TFN, just click here!

Coruscant? to have video added to it

Jay claims that when he first had the idea for Coruscant?, he wanted it to be live-action. Well, now Dramedy Productions has decided to do just that! The entire cast has decided to reunite for the LIVE-ACTION Coruscant?! Everyone will be back: Dylan, Ted, Tracy, Jay...even those other folks! But there's no need to waste the audio-only production of Coruscant?...the actors have just decided to film themselves lip-syncing their lines to the original production! The audio for the new parody will be exactly the same as the old parody...only this time there will be video of the actors lip-synching! (Hmmm...somebody needs to tell Jay that he played a battle droid. Guess he'll be squeezing into a tight-fitting battle droid costume! And Ted will be squeezing into a tight-fitting Obi-Wan costume!) To see what else is planned for the new Coruscant?, click here.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Miscellaneous section with timeline added, plus more pictures

A "Miscellaneous" section has been added with a timline on it. Also, some pictures have been added to the "Pictures" section.

Major additions to Quest for Vengeance site end today

What began two months ago ends today! Over the past couple of months, the website has had massive additions and has been restructured a bit. With the exception of the "Video" page, every single page on this site has had things added to it. Of particular interest is the "Pictures" site: when this process started, there were only a few pictures on there are 380!! So have fun checking out the entire Quest for Vengeance website!