Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coruscant? to be played on radio stations worldwide

Coruscant? is headed to a radio near you!  That's right, it has been such a big hit, that radio stations around the world are about to start playing it!  And it won't be talk radio that plays it, or AM radio that plays it, it's going to be played on the big-time FM stations that play regular music!  That's right, you could be listening to the radio one day, jamming to the likes of Aerosmith, or Tim McGraw, or Right Said Fred, and then all of a sudden BAM!...there's Coruscant?!  One minute you're listening to Kiss sing about Heaven being on fire, the next minute you listen to Carrie Underwood sing about trashing some dude's car, and then the next minute you hear Qui-Gon Jinn and Obi-Wan Kenobi giving each other the what for!  To find out when you can expect to start hearing Coruscant? on the radio, click here.

Vision Man: Eye Contact to change name to Vision Man

As everyone knows, the proper name of the Vision Man movie is Vision Man: Eye Contact.  However, in the four years that the movie has been out, no one has ever referred to it by that name.  So now, to prove that the majority is always right, it has been decided that the movie's name will be OFFICIALLY changed to just Vision Man.  To find out when this change will occur, click here.

Quest for Vengeance to be re-shot in its entirety

Since we didn't use much bluescreen, or greenscreen, or whatever, in Quest for Vengeance, we weren't able to remove the plain backgrounds in the movie and put in backgrounds that would have been suitable, such as the interior of the Scarlet Speedster, or the interior of the Dice Club.  Instead, this required the audience to use their imagination to see these backgrounds based on what was going on in the scene.  But, in order to pander to the audience, we have decided to just reshoot the whole damn movie, this time using greenscreen, so that we can show you exactly what you've been missing all these years.  And the best news of all is that all the original cast & crew will be returning!  Yayyyy!!  To find out when we'll start shooting (or re-shooting, I should say) click here.

Beware the Dark Side and Revenge of the Jedi to be combined into one mega-movie

As everyone knows, Beware the Dark Side is the second movie in the Scar Destroyers trilogy, and Revenge of the Jedi will be the third and final movie.  Well, since Beware the Dark Side still isn't finished yet, we have decided to speed up the process by making the movie even longer and adding Revenge of the Jedi to the end of it!  The new mega-movie will be called Beware the Revenge of the Dark Side Jedi.  After all, three-hour mega-movies are all the rage nowadays, right?  Lord of the Rings?  Avatar?  King Kong?  Anyway, to find out when the expected release date of this supersized blockbuster will be, click here.