Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Backgrounds to be added to Quest for Vengeance by rotoscoping the actors

The biggest regret about the production of Quest for Vengeance was that no bluescreen (or greenscreen) was used, which meant that the backgrounds couldn't be changed into something else, such as a spaceship interior or an alien planet exterior. Bluescreening was used during the first part of filming, but abandoned later on for some reason. (Probably because many of the rest of the film's scenes were shot in a room in Jay Chipman's house, and we don't think that he and his wife wanted us to put tacks in the wall to hold a blue sheet up.) But things are about to change! It's been decided that the film will be re-edited, and each actor in each scene will be rotoscoped so that a new background can be added! And to top it off, the rotoscoping will be done by Jay Chipman, Dylan Kinney, and Ted Millikan: the same team that promised to do all the rotoscoping of the lightsaber blades for the movie! To find out when the new, backgrounds-changed movie will debut, click here!

Beware the Dark Side and Revenge of the Jedi to be shot back-to-back

As everyone should know, Beware the Dark Side is the second movie in the Scar Destroyers trilogy. Revenge of the Jedi will be the final movie in the trilogy. Well, since shooting for Beware the Dark Side is going so quickly, it has been decided that Revenge of the Jedi will be shot immediately after shooting wraps on BDS! That means that the trilogy will be finished and released in its entirety by the end of the year! To find out the release dates for both BDS and ROTJ, click here.

Vision Man to begin appearing in DC comics

Vision Man is about to be bought by DC Comics! DC representatives contacted Dramedy Productions after seeing the movie "Vision Man: Eye Contact." They stated that they loved the film and loved the character. But the clincher for wanting to buy the character was when they found out that Vision Man was originally created for use in the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game. So it was just a natural fit for Vision Man to join the DC Universe! DC has also expressed interest in the other characters that were created for use in the RPG alongside Vision Man: namely, Darkshot, Lightning Hawk, and Zetaman. To find out when Vision Man will start appearing in DC comics, click here.

Obscure actors from Coruscant? to join Dramedy's other obscure actors in new movie

Ever heard of Adam Bertocci, Elizabeth Ascot, or David Ganssle? Neither have we! But they all three had small voice parts in Coruscant? Other than that, no one really knows anything about them. But that's about to change, when we release "Obscurica," the new major motion picture from Dramedy Productions. It will star the three of them, along with other obscure actors from Dramedy Productions' past: Jeremy Howard of Manila, AR, who played a Romulan guard in "Star Trek: Crisis at the Border;" Sarah Shelby of Nashville, TN, who played the voice on the Kwerschun City Council speaker in "Star Wars: Quest for Vengeance;" and Jason Mathis, Daryl Waller, Patrick Burch, Jon Wheeler, Justin Mathis, Robin Griffin, Brittany Murphy, and Jon Yates, all of Dyersburg, TN, who played obscure people in the "Vision Man's eye on crime" scene in "Vision Man: Eye Contact." For the plot and release date to this exciting new movie, click here.