Friday, April 1, 2011

QFV Rough Cut 10th Anniversary Party!

This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Rough Cut Premiere of Star Wars: Quest for Vengeance!  In 2001, the movie was going to be finished and viewed at a party by the cast and crew.  But between computer problems and not getting enough editing help from people who said they would, the movie was not going to be finished by the premiere date.  But we wanted to get together and party anyway and see what the movie looked like so far, and so we did, as seen in the picture above!  So to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the rough cut, we've decided to all get together again!  Even the members of the cast and crew that didn't come the first time!  To find out when we're all planning to get together, click here.

Beware the Dark 3-D!!

The six Star Wars movies by Lucasfilm will be coming out in 3-D starting next year.  So we've decided to shoot the remainder of Star Wars: Beware the Dark Side in 3-D as well!  We just bought a 3-D camcorder and we're raring to go!  Just wait until you see Ben Wolf in 3-D.  He's larger than life...literally!  To find out the specs on our new camcorder, click here.

Jon Boon's DC Heroes Role-Playing Game buddies to get their characters in on the big screen action!!

Vision Man was created in the early 1990s as a character to be played by Jon Boon in the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game.  Jon's buddies also created their own characters to play in the game.  Well, Jon's buddies have gotten jealous of the fame and fortune that Jon received after making a big-budget movie blockbuster about his character!  So they've decided to make their own movies based on their own characters!!  Jeremy McNutt is making a movie based on his character Darkshot, Al Riney is making one on his character Zetaman, and Ted Millikan will be flying high in a movie about his character, Lightning Hawk.

After the characters each star in their own own solo flicks, they are all going to appear in a movie together, banding together as a superhero team.  Tracy Walters, who was the gamemaster in the original game-playing days, will appear as the team's benefactor, in a role similar to the character of Maxwell Lord from the Justice League International.  To find out the projected release dates for these exciting projects, click here.

ZZ Top to put Coruscant? on their next album

The rock band ZZ Top, featured for a split-second in Coruscant? playing their hit "Sharp Dressed Man," has agreed to put Coruscant? on their next album!  They came across Coruscant? on YouTube and were surprised to hear their song in it.  "We thought the parody was hilarious," the band said.  "So we'd like to put it on our new album and keep all profits made from it.  Otherwise, we'll sue your asses off."  Dramedy Productions eagerly agreed to the arangement.  To find out when the album is coming out, click here.