Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Quest for Vengeance to get a berth on TheForce.Net's Fan Films site

When the first trailer for QFV came out in 2001, we tried to get TheForce.Net to host it in their Fan Films section, but they wouldn't do it. Well, the other day, we decided to offer them the entire movie itself for submission, just to see what would happen...and they accepted it! "We wanted to continue the tradition of a live-action, two-hour-plus Star Wars movie coming out every three years, as has happened since 1999," said a spokesperson for TFN. "And since it's been three years since the last one, it was time for one this year. And QFV fits that bill!" We were all blown away by the acceptance. Now an even bigger audience can thrill to the insane-but-soft-voiced Lex Nova, the large and bumbling Jedibee Ben Wolf, the totally bad-ass Penzar Grat, the idiotic and moronic Robert Kraig, and the homoerotic overtones of Jon Bon Nebula. To see QFV on TFN, just click here!

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