Sunday, April 1, 2012

Lightning Hawk to appear in Star Wars: Beware the Dark Side

We are currently in production on Star Wars: Beware the Dark Side, but Ted Millikan is ready for his super hero creation Lightning Hawk to be in a movie!  Ted created Lightning Hawk many years ago for use in the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game (just as Jon Boon did for Vision Man), and is ready for his character to hit the big screen!  But we're still making Star Wars, and Teddy was getting impatient!  So we decided to put Lighning Hawk in Beware the Dark Side, played by Ted himself.  He'll be a super hero teaming up with the Scar Destroyers of the Rebel Alliance, fighting the evil Galactic Empire.  Ted wasn't too fond of having to do all the extra work playing Ben Wolf AND Lightning Hawk in the same movie, until we told him he would get twice the pay!  Then he said, "Hell yeah!"  (But what we didn't tell Ted is that twice nothing is still nothing.)  So get ready, Empire...cause here comes LIGHTNING HAWK!!  For an advance clip of Lightning Hawk in the movie, click here!

Coruscant? to be added to Star Wars: The Phantom Menace Blu-ray 3D

Star Wars: The Phantom Menace came out in 3D at theaters a couple of months ago.  But when it comes out later this year on Blu-ray 3D, George Lucas will be adding our very own audio parody Coruscant? into the film!  He listened to our original production and loved it, and then he loved it even more when he saw that we added video to it, as documented here!  He couldn't believe how much we all looked like the original actors!  So he agreed to convert the scene to 3D and add it to the home video release.  All of the cast & crew of Coruscant? love 3D movies, so we were thrilled!  Anyway, we've just gotten an advanced copy of the Blu-ray 3D cover, as shown above.  If you'd like to find out more about Coruscant? being added to The Phantom Menace, click here!