Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Coruscant? to have video added to it

Jay claims that when he first had the idea for Coruscant?, he wanted it to be live-action. Well, now Dramedy Productions has decided to do just that! The entire cast has decided to reunite for the LIVE-ACTION Coruscant?! Everyone will be back: Dylan, Ted, Tracy, Jay...even those other folks! But there's no need to waste the audio-only production of Coruscant?...the actors have just decided to film themselves lip-syncing their lines to the original production! The audio for the new parody will be exactly the same as the old parody...only this time there will be video of the actors lip-synching! (Hmmm...somebody needs to tell Jay that he played a battle droid. Guess he'll be squeezing into a tight-fitting battle droid costume! And Ted will be squeezing into a tight-fitting Obi-Wan costume!) To see what else is planned for the new Coruscant?, click here.

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