Monday, April 1, 2013

Vision Man sequel filming in South Dakota

Jon Boon McNutt, who played Vision Man in our 2006 blockbuster movie Vision Man: Eye Contact, has moved to South Dakota.  However, Dramedy Productions is currently filming the Vision Man sequel, Vision Man: Double Vision.  So since our base of operations is in Arkansas, one might think Jon could no longer play Vision Man, right?  Well, one would be WRONG!  Jon is filming his scenes for the new movie in South Dakota right now!  He's even enlisted the help of some of his fellow South Dakotans to help!  He will then be sending the footage to Dramedy Productions headquarters in Arkansas.  His footage will then be integrated with other footage that is being shot around Arkansas, and Vision Man movie!  To find out the release date and other info about this upcoming flick, click here.