Friday, April 1, 2016

Dramedy Productions' superheroes are joining DC Comics' movie universe!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, in theaters now, is the first of several DC Comics movies that will be released multiple times a year, as part of the interconnected DC Extended Universe.  Well, since BvS is such a smash hit at the box office, making a ton of money, Warner Bros. (who owns DC Comics) has contracted with Dramedy Productions to add OUR superheroes to their movies!  As a matter of fact, they're even giving our heroes their own individual solo movies!  The updated list of all the DC movies coming in the next few years (including our own) is below.

In 2017, Vision Man will be released.  We've already made our own Vision Man movie, but Warner Bros. wants to give it the big budget treatment, so it will be remade, and will probably be a little longer than the 20 minutes our Vision Man movie was.  Jon Boon McNutt will reprise the role and is currently pumping iron to get back into superhero shape!

In 2018, Teddy Michael Millikan will play the role of his superhero Lightning Hawk.  Ted told Warner Bros. that he is well known in Dramedy Productions as a jack of all trades, and let Warner Bros. know that he has been an actor, writer, production designer, photographer, fight choreographer, special effects artist, voiceover artist, and the glue that has held Dramedy together all these years.  Warner Bros politely told him that acting will be all they need from him.

In 2019, Zetaman will be released.  Albert Riney, Jr. asked if he could film the role of his superhero in the summertime so that he wouldn't have to miss work teaching his kids, since he's a teacher.  He says teaching is the most important job in the world, and he shouldn't have to deprive the kids of his excellent teaching abilities.  The movie studio took one look at him and said, "You do things on OUR time, boy!" and flashed some big bucks his way.  Al said, "Whoa, look at that money!  Forget those kids, let's start filming!"

And in 2020, Jeremy McNutt will be playing the role of his superhero Darkshot.  He asked the studio if his son Tyler could be in the movie too, since Jeremy named Tyler after the first name of Darkshot's secret identity, Tyler O'Hara!  The studio thought that was cool, and happily obliged.

Not announced, but heavily rumored, is that after our characters all get the big screen treatment in their individual solo films, they will come together and form a team in a movie to be released in 2021.  Tracy Walters would play the character that brings the superheroes together, as Tracy was the gamemaster in the role-playing game.  His character would be like Maxwell Lord bringing together the Justice League International.  For more rumors about this possible team-up movie, click here.