Friday, April 1, 2011

Jon Boon's DC Heroes Role-Playing Game buddies to get their characters in on the big screen action!!

Vision Man was created in the early 1990s as a character to be played by Jon Boon in the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game.  Jon's buddies also created their own characters to play in the game.  Well, Jon's buddies have gotten jealous of the fame and fortune that Jon received after making a big-budget movie blockbuster about his character!  So they've decided to make their own movies based on their own characters!!  Jeremy McNutt is making a movie based on his character Darkshot, Al Riney is making one on his character Zetaman, and Ted Millikan will be flying high in a movie about his character, Lightning Hawk.

After the characters each star in their own own solo flicks, they are all going to appear in a movie together, banding together as a superhero team.  Tracy Walters, who was the gamemaster in the original game-playing days, will appear as the team's benefactor, in a role similar to the character of Maxwell Lord from the Justice League International.  To find out the projected release dates for these exciting projects, click here.

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