Thursday, April 1, 2010

Beware the Dark Side and Revenge of the Jedi to be combined into one mega-movie

As everyone knows, Beware the Dark Side is the second movie in the Scar Destroyers trilogy, and Revenge of the Jedi will be the third and final movie.  Well, since Beware the Dark Side still isn't finished yet, we have decided to speed up the process by making the movie even longer and adding Revenge of the Jedi to the end of it!  The new mega-movie will be called Beware the Revenge of the Dark Side Jedi.  After all, three-hour mega-movies are all the rage nowadays, right?  Lord of the Rings?  Avatar?  King Kong?  Anyway, to find out when the expected release date of this supersized blockbuster will be, click here.

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