Saturday, April 1, 2017

Vision Man to be in Justice League movie

Last week, Warner Bros. released the awesome new trailer for the Justice League movie.  They also released a new hashtag for the movie, #UniteTheLeague.  But there was another hashtag used a couple of years ago associated with the movie called #UniteTheSeven, which made fans wonder if it meant the Seven Seas (as in Aquaman), or the seven original members of the Justice League.  Well, today it has been revealed that they are talking about the latter.  Of course, you have the five Leaguers that have been in all the previews, and you know that Superman will be coming back from the dead to join them.  So who is the seventh Leaguer?  No, not Green, not Martian's the superhero who sees all when there's nothing in the way...Vision Man!  To see the new trailer (even though there was just a new one last week) featuring Vision Man in the Justice League, click here!

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