Saturday, January 16, 2016

Syfy show Face Off goes looking for the next Penzar Grat

This week's episode of Face Off on SyFy had the teams creating an alien bounty hunter.  The show mentioned that Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back was one of reasons why alien bounty hunters are so popular.  Of course, we have our own Star Wars bounty hunter here at Dramedy Productions: Penzar Grat!

Penzar Grat: baddest of all bounty hunters...Star Wars or not
The teams' creations were pretty cool-looking.  None of them were anywhere as awesome-looking as Grat, of course, but they still looked good.  The picture below is of the winning team and their winning creation.  Click on the pic to see all of the teams and their creations.

Grat calls Ben Wolf a Jedibe, as in Jedi he'd probably call this dude a Gratabe

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