Wednesday, April 1, 2015

McNutt brothers banned from making any more Dramedy Productions Star Wars movies

Scott McNutt, who played Jedi Master Miko Von Edward in Star Wars: Quest for Vengeance, and his brother Jon Boon McNutt, who played Elan Rai in Star Wars: Beware the Dark Side, have been banned from appearing in any further Dramedy Productions Star Wars productions.

The Walt Disney Company, which took over the Star Wars franchise in 2012, has recently discovered a picture taken at The Hall of Presidents in Walt Disney World in Florida of the McNutt brothers disrespecting a part of the park.

The McNutts, having fun with the Prez

Disney sent the following to Dramedy Productions about the picture:

"After seeing this picture, we must respectfully request these two heathens no longer be allowed in your Star Wars productions.  We must protect our properties, both theme parks and movie franchises, as best as possible."

Dramedy Productions then released its own statement:

"We will comply with your wishes.  Scott McNutt's character, Miko Von Edward, is dead anyway, and as for Jon McNutt, there's a different actor playing Elan Rai in every movie, so it's no big loss with either of these actors.  We really couldn't give a shit."

As for the McNutt brothers, they weren't too happy and released their own statement.  But we must warn you, their statement is NSFW (not safe for work).  But if you dare, you can read their statement here.

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