Sunday, August 28, 2011

Ral's rear end

Arkansas has a new three-letter combination for its license plates: RAL!  Maybe the plates are in tribute to Ral Iney from Star Wars: Quest for Vengeance!  After all, QFV was partially filmed in Arkansas, and Al Riney, the actor who played Ral Iney, was born and raised in Arkansas!

But something else to make you wonder about things is the plate on the car in the above picture.  This plate was the first one we spotted with RAL on it.  The plate says 390 RAL.  Well, Al Riney turns 39 next month!  Maybe this particular plate is an omen...that Al Riney will be reprising his role as Ral Iney in Star Wars: Beware the Dark Side...and he'll be doing it when he's 39 years old!  Does that mean he'll be filming the part when he's 39...or does it mean he's already filmed the part and the movie will be coming out when he's 39?  Hmmmm...

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