Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Teddy made awesome chroma key screen frames...but they had to go...

A few years ago, we decided to start using chroma key in our productions.  So ole Teddy was tasked with the job of building the frames to hold the screen.  Well, make them he did...and did a very good job with them, to boot!

There was only one problem with them, though...they couldn't be stored easily, because they couldn't be broken down.  Later on, a professional frame was bought, one that could be disassembled and stored easily.

We still held onto the old Teddy frames for a long time, though, thinking that we might use them to hold lights to shine on the chroma key screen.  However, it was decided in the end that they were just too big and bulky to keep.  So this past Sunday, they were sent to that great scrap heap in the sky!

But Ted, you did a great job, and for that, we give you the Dramedy Productions' Medal of Carpentry.  It gets you free future building materials from Lowe's anytime!  (Just make sure that you go to the Lowe's in Dyersburg, TN...we got a guy there that'll set you up.)

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