Sunday, September 9, 2007

Two Quest for Vengeance cast member lookalikes on reality TV this summer

There have been two lookalikes of Quest for Vengeance cast members on reality television shows this summer! One of them is on Big Brother 8, and he is currently one of the final four houseguests. He is also the current Head of Household. His name is Zach, and he looks just like Jay Chipman (or, rather, Jay Chipman with muscles)!

The second one was on Who Wants To Be a Superhero?, which just wrapped up its season last week. Hyper-Strike, who was my (Tracy's) personal favorite superhero on the show all season, looked just like Kevin Shelby! (But no, Kevin, it wasn't because he looked like you! Sorry!) He made it to the final episode last week and tied for second place in the competition!

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