Sunday, April 1, 2007

Two former cast members return!

Two former cast members have returned to BDS: Returner #1 and Returner #2! Returner #1 had originally left because he had gotten into a dispute with Jon, and then dragged Tracy into it even though Tracy had nothing to do with it! But Returner #1 finally admitted that he simply didn't like Jon. Not because of the dispute, but because of completely different reasons that have no bearing on the present day! Tracy tried to stay neutral in the entire episode, but Returner #1 tried to drag Tracy into it, and then got mad at Tracy for not doing anything and blamed him for everything even though Tracy had nothing to do with it! Tracy just couldn't believe that Returner #1 was acting that way! It was as if Returner #1 wasn't in control of his own actions! But now Returner #1 has apologized for all his mistakes and says that he is ready to help BDS in any way he can! He even says that he likes Jon now! As for Returner #2, his story is simple. He originally left BDS becasue Returner #1 did, even though he knew nothing about anything that was going on at all. He liked Returner #1, even though Returner #1 didn't like him (but Returner #2 refuses to believe that #1 doesn't like him). So, of course, when Returner #1 came back to BDS, Returner #2 decided to come back too! For more on these exciting developments, click here!

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